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Our Story

The Inherit the Earth story began in 2020 with founders Pete and Heidi Meades – runners, parents to five active kids, and environmentally-minded humans. As with many families, the 2020 pandemic provided an atmosphere for swift change – seemingly overnight. Pete, a concert promoter, found himself with more time to dedicate to running with the absence of live music. With that, Pete completed the Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee, a virtual run put on as a way to keep the Barkley Marathon running community spirit strong through the pandemic. Out of approximately 19,500 runners from across the world, Pete finished in 870th place over this 1021 km feat. Running the roads of the beautiful Huron County, Ontario countryside was certainly one of the highlights for him. One constant, yet unfortunate, finding though was the amount of roadside garbage that plagued the beautiful landscape. With many miles to run and think, this ignited the idea of incorporating his love of running into a business that encouraged betterment of their community. That year, Pete ran every road in Huron County (roughly 2,900 km) pushing a running chariot, collecting garbage along the way. As part of the drive towards community outreach, the Meades worked with local businesses to host community clean-ups, rallying to engage community spirit and environmental awareness.

Our hope is that together - as people, families, and communities large and small - we can help our earth reach its greatest potential. By raising community awareness, encouraging environmental stewardship, or by simply removing the waste that has never been intended to be there, ITE is here to do our part. Our belief is that if we plant the seed for generations to come, that this earth is our greatest treasure, our families will continue to enjoy the beauty of our landscape indefinitely. 

The ITE clothing brand was designed with a passion for running, our environment, and community. Our goal is to share our passion with you, providing quality products while giving back to our communities and encouraging better choices for our planet.